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Artist Statement ‘Dwindling Light Exhibition’

My work is grounded in the relationship between my body and the object and working with my hands. It develops out of the landscape in a process based way. I don’t interpret it as a literal, geographical place, rather I use the landscape as a medium which reflects my phenomenological experience of being in place. Through painting, potting, photography and installation, experimenting with clays, sands, soil, inks, ash, paints and water, this body of work ‘Dwindling Light’ brings together ideas of a traumatised Australian landscape and the healing required both for the land and its inhabitants. Pre pandemic,  Australians have been participants in the ongoing catastrophes decimating our environments during the summer of 2020. No longer able to just view it through the medium of a screen they have been physically involved in the experience of fire and storms and confronted with the raw reality of the sublime and overpowering forces of nature. How we continue to inhabit this continent in a changing climate are the major questions needing acknowledgement of expert scientific answers, understanding of ancient practices and the participation of an engaged and questioning population rather than the status quo of vested interests and inept governance. Through my artwork, I hope to enter and engage in this conversation with others